Why fashion?

Well, why not? Since I was seven I wanted to be a fashion designer. Before that, I wanted to be a police officer, and before that an artist. Artist I can see. Police officer…not so much.

I have a portfolio from all the way back from my early designing days (when using Crayola markers and pencil crayons was my niche). My very first design ever is in that little binder-a poorly drawn . But you know what? It brought me joy to create, and joy to see the faces of my family and friends when I showed them my designs.  

  This dream of fashion stuck for a long time-until I was around thirteen years old. I’d like to point out that until then my actual fashion sense was atrocious-unique, yes, but visually appealing? Eh…

  I’m talking purple and grey stripped blouse-things with cinching at the waist paired off with fire-engine red stretchy pants with holes in the knees. Yeah. 

  Anyway, when I got to high school things started to change. A lot was going on in my life-new school, new classes, new faces. I was overwhelmed by everything going on. Until high school I was always drawing, writing, doing things that made me happy. Then the work started piling on and I lost my drive to create. I didn’t even have time to do what I loved-with school and dance (I joined competitive in grade nine) there was only space to eat and sleep. I lost my sights on my future, unsure of what I wanted to do. Would I be good enough? Would I make it in the world of fashion? These questions boggled my mind to the point where I thought fashion was no longer what I wanted to follow.

  The new dream for two years was a dietitian. A lot went into this decision, and I thought that this would be perfect. It’s a more financially stable job, I can actually get a job with this career, it will be fun…

  Now, I’m torn. In the past few months I’ve discovered my passion for fashion again, but I still have interest in human health and nutrition. If only fashion/dietetics was some kind of joint university program, but sadly, no. Still, I know that fashion has always been near and dear to my heart, and it is something I can truly express myself in. If it is the path I choose to follow in life, I know I will be happy. 

  On this blog, I want to share my love of fashion with everyone. I’ll be posting things like outfit-stylings, product reviews, trends I like, and my opinion on fashion in the media (this is a big issue for me-more to come on this!) 

So, what about you? Do you have your own style? How do you feel about fashion?


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