January Collection of the Month + Resolutions

Well, hello! So this is technically the first blog post on Jenna on the Moon, woohoo! I’d like to start off with a bit of a focus on fashion.


January Collection of the Month: Somber Light

  What, what is this Collection of the Month business?! Here’s what’s up: once a month, I will post a collection of outfits I pieced together with a theme. I’ll discuss that theme a bit, then give a list of the articles worn in the pictures. I may add more pictures throughout the month to this collection, depending on how things work out. So, let’s talk about Somber Light:

  This collection is inspired by-funny enough-the weather. If you’ve ever been in Southern Ontario during the winter, you will know that it can be quite dreary out. That’s why I went with a darker-toned collection for the month of January. Each outfit does have a bit of light in it, representing the hopes that come with January and the beginning of a new year (Happy late-New Years, by the way!) 

Let’s get into the details of the outfits:

Outfit One:


Indigo Sweater: Joe Fresh/Black Leggings: Lulu Lemon/Pink Pearl Necklace: My grandmother (I love the vintage, hand-me-down pieces she gives me all the time)/Socks: Tommy Hilfiger/Lipstick: Instigator by MAC

 Outfit Two:


Black Cocktail Dress: Jazy Phillips, my mom’s closet/Creme chiffon shirt around waist: Forever 21/Necklace: H&M/Braided Headband: Goody/Lipstick: Instigator by MAC

Outfit Three:


Maroon Crop-Turtleneck: American Eagle/Navy Skirt: Atmosphere/Black Leggings: TNA, Aritzia/Cross Necklace: Forever 21/Lace Headband: Forever 21/Lipstick: Instigator by MAC

  On the topic of hope in January, let’s talk “resolutions.” I know you’re either tired of hearing about them by now, or excited to get yours under way. For me, I don’t like seeing them as “resolutions.” I feel like that word puts too much pressure on getting them done, and trying to “resolve” some sort of problem. What if you don’t have a problem? What if you just want to learn to ride a bike, or write a song? To me, I see them as goals, or things I would like to achieve this year. It is much easier to digest this way, and it doesn’t sound as intimidating as a “resolution.” Also, why should goals only be set at the beginning of the year? Shouldn’t we be trying to reach goals year-round? By seeing them as just goals, it doesn’t make them exclusive to New Years.

  Anywho, here are a few of my goals for this year:

  1. Balance school work with free time-Holy moly, this is very important to me. I think this year has been better as far as balance, but I still have a long way to go. I don’t know how many times I’ve skipped out on going out so I could do schoolwork (like today, I could have seen a movie, but I chose to prepare myself for school tomorrow).
  2. Write a novel-I’ve actually done this already, but I want to revise this novel. I posted it on a website for teen writers a few years back, and I actually won Editors Choice for the Year for it! It’s a story I hold close to my hear, so I’m hoping to really fix it up (looking back at it now, it needs a lot of work). 
  3. Be more spontaneous-I have difficulty not planning. I’ve always been a planner. Sometimes things have to be just a little random, and I’m working on accepting that.
  4. Be kind to myself-Self-love is so important, and it goes such a long way. I think everyone needs to look themselves in the mirror and say “I love you for who you are.” It’ll make you feel a heck of a lot better on a day you feel gloomy.

I have many more goals, but those are the biggest ones I’d like to achieve. They’re not too difficult to do, but I still have to work towards them a bit. 

What about you? What are your “resolutions,” or goals, for 2016? Also, what did you think of the Collection of the Month? Comment below to let me know! 

  Well, that’s all for today! Thanks for reading and taking the time to check out my blog, it is so very appreciated.

 See you soon,



3 thoughts on “January Collection of the Month + Resolutions

  1. I love your sense of style! All of your pictures look amazing as well. Also, you’ve put what I feel about New Years resolutions into words! I can’t wait to read more of your posts, because your writing is amazing.


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